Budgeting 101 BASICS How to set up a personal budget and how to use a Happy Planner dashboard layout as a budget planner.

This class will be about how to use your planner for your personal BUDGET.

1. How to create a personal budget. Basics for beginning budgeters.

2. How to use the dashboard layout Happy Planner as a budget planner for expense tracking.

3. Tips for budgeting and saving.

Your Instructor

Katie Shea
Katie Shea

Katie Shea is a creative planner with over 20 years of corporate experience as a professional administrator for busy executives in multiple industries. She is the founder of The Planner School and The Planner Channel (YouTube) where she combines a decorative approach with functional planning and shares productivity education along with relevant product tutorial videos. Katie lives in beautiful sunny Southwest Florida with her son and fiance. She is also a former hunter/jumper equestrian instructor and trainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will this class be available?
This is the February class will be posted during the month of February and announced via email when it opens, so make sure you opt-in for email notifications.

This course is closed for enrollment.