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What are your priorities? What are your goals? Which planners should you be using and what are you going to track in each one? Let's determine your planner stack and create your planning system, based on your priorities in these 6 areas: self-care, family, household, financial, goals and other projects.

ORGANIZATION: How to set up your planners for success, based on your priorities and goals.


We will create your master planning to-do lists in each of your priority areas, decide which habits you want to replace, work on your goal strategy, and list out your daily routines and journaling topics for personal development.

ACHIEVEMENT: How to set goals and create a strategy to achieve them.

A - Assignments

Let's talk about time blocking and assigning tasks to time blocks on your calendar, weekly and daily planning pages. This will maximize your productivity. Sometimes, less it more when it comes to getting things done!

PRODUCTIVITY: How to master time management, and develop routines and habits that work for you.


Not sure what to write in your planner? Let's talk about what you are going to write in your planner, and when you're going to write in your notes. Our goal is to have a completed planner at the end of the year which contains some of the most valuable information about YOU, to use for powerful self-reflection.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: You are your own trainer... what do you want to learn and master?


Membership means Accountability, Friendship and Community! (NEW Teachable COMMUNITY Feature Coming Soon!)


Planning Classes include 6 Full Individual Courses with the PLANNER SCHOOL membership, along with 100 videos and 40 downloadable pdf worksheets!

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads will be will be added periodically. They are also ALL included with the PLANNER SCHOOL Membership!